Do you know a college student who wants to be a teacher? Encourage them to apply for the Cochran Scholarship

Former Missouri NEA Executive Director Peggy Cochran and late husband Paul were both teachers. Both come from families of teachers. Two of their children are teachers in the St. Louis area. They believe that teaching is the most rewarding career anyone can choose. 

To encourage people to become teachers, they created a $500 scholarship in support of one of these individuals each year. Applicants must currently be in their freshman, sophomore or junior year at a Missouri college or university. 

Eligibility:  Applicant must be a member of Missouri NEA Aspiring Educators currently enrolled in a Missouri teacher education program and pursuing a career in teaching. Funds are for undergraduate work.

The application deadline is Feb. 10, 2021. 

Questions? Contact: Laurie Bernskoetter, Missouri NEA (573) 644-9623 or e-mail

Download an application for details >>

Posted Date: 11/15/2020
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