MNEA continues to be an ally for people and organizations across Missouri working for a just society




The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are the latest in a string of acts that have sparked protests around our communities, state, and nation during an economic crisis that is devastating families.

MNEA recognizes the need for continuing work towards economic and social justice for all people. MNEA continues to be an ally for people and organizations across Missouri working for a just society. MNEA will continue to work for a nation that recognizes, values, and appreciates all people. In so doing, we will continue our work for the marginalized peoples and groups in our schools, colleges, and workplaces.

Educators in our local schools are a stabilizing force for children as the world reacts, changes, and adapts around them. MNEA educators continue to work on behalf of our students, maintaining instruction, delivering nutritious meals, and protecting students’ health. While many public and private institutions have struggled, educators in our neighborhood schools, community colleges, and universities have been a bedrock for students and families. The same bedrock will support the healing and recovery ahead.

As we look forward, educators play a crucial role in the healing process and economic recovery that must come. Our work for students will not stop at the doors of our school buildings. MNEA will continue to work on behalf of students and educators by advocating for meaningful racial and social justice reforms.We will work to ensure that all our students and colleagues, regardless of race, orientation, gender, or creed, are treated with dignity, fairness, and equality under the law.

We will Unite.
We will Inspire.
We will Lead.




Posted Date: 6/5/2020
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