Missouri NEA Pres. Charles E. Smith goes to Washington to meet with Sens. McCaskill, Blunt and urge them to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination

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Sept.. 12, 2018

Washington, D.C. - The United States Senate is on the brink of voting on Donald Trump’s controversial Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, despite having shown repeatedly during his confirmation hearings that, just like Betsy DeVos, he will favor the wealthy, powerful, and corporations over middle-class Americans.

Missouri National Education Association president Charles E. Smith, a teacher from the Center School District, is traveling to Washington D.C. to urge Missouri Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill to support students and oppose the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.

“Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court places in jeopardy much-needed resources for Missouri students and local public schools,” Smith said. “His two-decade history of supporting vouchers shows he will be a rubber stamp for the Betsy DeVos voucher agenda.

An exhaustive review of Kavanaugh’s legal and political record on education issues chronicles his history as an advocate for vouchers, which, by transferring taxpayers’ money from neighborhood public schools to private schools without accountability, undermine strong public schools and destroy opportunities for all students to succeed. There is no doubt that Kavanaugh would use a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court to advance the agenda of Betsy DeVos and her allies undermining public education and students’ opportunities to succeed.

Smith is traveling to Washington to meet with Sens. Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt on Thursday, Sept. 13.

The 35,000-member MNEA represents teachers, education support professionals, college faculty, retired teachers and students studying to be teachers in school districts and on college campuses throughout the state. It is the Missouri affiliate of the 3.2 million-member NEA.  



Posted Date: 9/12/2018
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