Missouri high-schoolers win national Educator Rising competitions

Missouri students win at the national Educators Rising Conference June 21-23 in Dallas, TX. Sponsored by Phi Delta Kappa, Educators Rising is the national organization that allows students in grades 7-12 to explore careers in education. Missouri NEA is the state sponsor of Educators Rising.

Find out more about Educators Rising at https://www.mnea.org/Missouri/EducatorsRising.aspx.

Educators Rising national winners from Missouri

Francis Howell North High School

First place, Austin Shariff, Lesson Planning and Delivery- Arts

Fourth place, Inside Our Schools (chapter competition)

Fifth place, Abbey Seemes, Lesson Planning and Delivery- Humanities


Lebanon Technology and Career Center

Second place, Researching Learning Challenges (chapter competition)


Columbia Area Career Center

Fourth place, Lindsey Pellock, Job Interview


Hollister High School

Tenth place, Kylee Winkert, Exploring Support Services Careers

Posted Date: 8/27/2019
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