Ten MNEA members win $500 Tuition Grant

Reliant Financial Services helps educators reach career goals. 

Thanks to MNEA Member Benefits partner Reliant Financial Services, 10 Missouri NEA members will receive a financial boost to help with education expenses. The MNEA Tuition Grant is open to applicants:  

  • who are MNEA members,
  • who are probationary teachers or education support professionals,  

  • who take a 3-hour college course to further their career in public education, and

  • who receive a letter grade of “C” or better.       

Of the many applicants, 10 members were chosen in a random drawing Feb. 8, 2021. Congratulations to the following members.

Lauren Dorris, Ritenour NEA (ESP)
Alexandra El Attar, North Kansas City NEA (ESP)
Sarah Fox, Fort Zumwalt EA
Loren Howard, Columbia MNEA
Dianne Lam, Ritenour NEA
Alexa Mikel, Northwest EA
Melody Murray, Columbia MNEA
Claire North, Hazelwood NEA
Lacey Ory, Independence NEA
Megan Raney, Valley Park NEA

For your chance to win an MNEA Tuition Grant in next year’s drawing, submit your application by Jan 31 using either the online application or mail-in application.


Reliant Financial Services

Reliant Financial Services is a comprehensive financial planning company endorsed by Missouri NEA. For a consultation to discuss your retirement goals, or meeting other financial goals, call 800-471-7717 or 877-514-8410 (816-460-0401 in the greater Kansas City area or 314-514-8411 in the greater St. Louis area).

Posted Date: 2/10/2021
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