Proritizing Educator Vaccination will Help Students and Families

Feb. 25, 2021

From the Missouri National Education Association
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"Governor's action is supported by science and in the best interests of all Missourians."

JEFFERSON CITY, MO - Today, Missouri National Education Association President Phil Murray issued the following statement responding to Governor Mike Parson's announcement to open COVID-19 vaccine distribution to teachers and school staff.

Eight days ago, I sent a letter on behalf of the 32,000 teachers, counselors, bus drivers, and school staff represented by the Missouri National Education Association urging Governor Mike Parson and DHSS Director Randall Williams to prioritize the vaccination of educators. More than 1,900 parents and educators joined me in signing the letter seeking swift action. The original plan of vaccinating educators in mid-April was unacceptable.

Seeing the timeline for vaccination accelerated by a month is good news to educators. We hope the Governor and his team will continue to accelerate access to vaccination for all educators and critical workers.

The Governor's action is supported by science and is in the best interests of all Missourians. Educators, students, and parents have done their part; our schools have been open since the beginning of the school year using hybrid or virtual instruction to support students.

Not only is this decision morally correct it is supported by the best science available. Just this week, research by the CDC pointed to COVID-19 transmission amongst educators as a driver of infections during the pandemic.

For eleven months, educators have gone above and beyond to support students. All we have asked for are the resources to do so safely. Some elected officials, forgetting the heroic efforts of educators since March of 2020, have tried to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to attack educators and our neighborhood schools. Educators are confident when parents reflect on the pandemic and our local schools' response; they will remember educators' heroic efforts since March of last year to keep students engaged, nourished, and safe.

Missouri now joins Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Oklahoma in prioritizing the vaccination of educators.


The 32,000-member Missouri NEA represents teachers, education support professionals, college faculty, retired teachers and students studying to be teachers in school districts and on college campuses throughout the state. It is the Missouri affiliate of the 3 million-member National Education Association.  

Posted Date: 2/25/2021
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