MNEA Awards Programs

Missouri NEA awards programs recognize outstanding achievement by friends of education, Association members and local affiliates. The following annual awards programs honor those individuals and organizations whose contributions to public education and the Association are particularly noteworthy.



Horace Mann Friend of Education awards are presented annually in the following categories:

  • Journalism (print, radio and/or television)
  • Legislation
  • Organization (corporate and/or civic)
  • Individual Contribution to Education
  • Teacher
  • Education Support Professional

This awards program is co-sponsored by the Horace Mann Insurance Companies.

Nomination deadline: Teacher award due by Dec. 15, other categories due by Feb. 15. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Missouri NEA President. The MNEA Board of Directors determines award winners. Awards, which are presented at the Spring Representative Assembly, may not be given in all categories every year. A description of the various award categories and a nomination form can be found at /Missouri/HoraceMannAwards.aspx or contact Roxane Bly at (573) 644-9606.

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


This award is presented annually in honor of Ruth Keeling to encourage the development of leadership in the United Education Profession.

This award recognizes an active member whose presence and contribution of time, energy and/or wisdom within the past year has made a difference to the United Education Profession. The recipient should be an outstanding individual who does not hold a position on the Board of Directors of Missouri NEA. The recipient receives a full scholarship to the Missouri NEA Leadership Conference in the summer following the award recognition.

Nomination deadline: Feb. 15 Nominations are submitted in writing to the Missouri NEA President and the honoree is determined by the Board of Directors.

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


MNEA President Shirley Cromer believed that true leadership extends beyond local and state participation in the Association. She believed that an awareness and knowledge of national goals and programs is essential to preserve the ongoing continuity and integrity of Missouri NEA.

The Shirley Cromer Leadership Award is funded annually through the Shirley Cromer Memorial Fund. Each year, this award is presented to a Missouri NEA member who exemplifies qualities of leadership and dedication to the Association.

Purpose: The Shirley Cromer Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leaders and potential leaders and encourages leadership development through participation in an NEA conference.

Award: The Shirley Cromer Leadership Award is a financial grant to provide expense reimbursement for attendance at a national conference or the Midwest Regional Leadership Conference. The recipient is reimbursed for vouchered expenses up to the amount of $700.00 to cover mileage, airfare, conference registration, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and meals.

Nomination deadline: October 1. Nominations are limited to one per local association and are to be submitted to the Missouri NEA Board of Directors by the executive committee of the local association. The final selection is made by the Board of Directors and announced at the Fall Representative Assembly each year.

Request a nomination form for this award from Roxane Bly at (573) 644-9606. 

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


This award is given for individual excellence in political action. It is awarded annually by the Missouri NEA Political Action Committee.

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


Annual awards are presented for outstanding contributions to Missouri NEA/NEA PAC by individuals and local associations.

Individual awards are made to PAC Contributors (for annual contribution of $100-$249);

PAC Donors (for annual contribution of $250); PAC Sustainers (for a contribution of $250 for two consecutive years); PAC Sponsors (for a contribution of $250 for three to nine consecutive years); and PAC Insiders (for a contribution of $250 for ten consecutive years).

Local Association awards are presented in two categories: 1) locals who have contributed $5.00 to $9.99 per member in a fiscal year, and 2) locals who have contributed $10.00 or more per member in a fiscal year.

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


Payroll Deduction Cash Awards are presented annually through drawings conducted at the April Representative Assembly: 1) among local associations with 25 percent of their membership on payroll deduction for PAC, and 2) among individuals making the recommended contribution of $2 per month through payroll deduction for PAC.

Winners are determined by drawings at the RA. Locals and individuals can qualify for the drawings through January 15 of any given year.

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


Local associations receive recognition for:

  • Greatest numerical increase (presented in April and August)
  • Percentage of new employees enrolled (presented in April)
  • Solid rock status (presented in August to locals with 80 percent or greater membership)

In order to qualify for MNEA's membership recognition program, locals must verify their membership potential by Nov. 15 each year. To request a form to verify membership potential, contact MNEA at 573-634-3202.

UniServ directors receive recognition in August for:

  • Unit with greatest numerical increase
  • Unit with greatest percentage increase

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >>


The purpose of this award program is to strengthen local associations by providing recognition for local organizational development. The local must participate in Association activities and achieve objectives outlined in the submission form.

Find a submission form in the Timeline for Action. If you do not have a Timeline for Action, log in MNEA Members Only and download a copy from the Leader Resource Center.

More information and winners can be found in the Timeline for Action >> 

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