Beginning Teachers

Incentives for becoming an MNEA member

Connect with other beginning teachers

Sign up for the MNEA Beginning Teacher Listserv

The MNEA Beginning Teacher Network is a moderated electronic mailing list that shares resources for you and your students on a wide range of topics.


Get advice on classroom management


Join the Classroom Management group in NEA edCommunities. Share your favorite tips or resources and ask your colleagues for assistance with those challenging situations that just won't quit.


Student Dues Rebate 
Were you an MNEA-Student member? When you become a teacher, continue your MNEA membership and you will receive a $20 rebate for every year you were a student member. Print a rebate form.

Reduced Dues 
MNEA offers reduced dues to beginning teachers in qualifying districts. Call the MNEA membership department at (800) 392-0236 to see if you qualify for the reduced dues program.

$500 Tuition Grant 
Thanks to funding from Reliant Financial Services, MNEA members who are probationary teachers in their first five years of teaching can receive a $500 tuition grant toward the cost of a three-hour graduate course. Details...

Professional Development Opportunities

NEA Works4Me
The Works4Me Tips Library is an archive for NEA's weekly classroom tips e-mail. Each week, Works4Me subscribers receive an e-mail newsletter with two practical classroom tips submitted by the real education experts – your colleagues. Sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Help with student loans and college expenses

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