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Missouri NEA has a political action committee (PAC) to pool funds which are used to help elect candidates to public office who support the interests of children and public education as well as support MNEA’s Legislative Platform and positions.

Elected officials make decisions that translate into regulations for schools and classrooms, including smaller class sizes, full-time kindergarten, pre-school screenings, school-safety measures, professional development and ample funding for programs. 

Only after the MNEA Executive PAC Council has completed a lengthy recommendation process-interviewing candidates, scrutinizing the records of those in public office, studying candidates' responses to questions about education-related issues-are direct PAC contributions made to support those states legislative candidates who measure up. 

Money for political activity comes from voluntary contributions from members either through payroll deduction (PRD), electronic funds transmittal (EFT)), continuous credit card donations or as individual cash contributions. Missouri NEA welcomes contributions. Contribute to PAC

Non-members can also contribute to either ESPE or TISPE. Send your check to Missouri NEA, Attn: Sandy Smith, 1810 E Elm Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101; or contact Sandy Smith at (800) 392-0236. Please write the name of the fund (ESPE, TISPE) you would like your contribution to go to in the memo line of your check. Also, include the last four digits of your social security number, full name and address if this information is not already provided on your check.

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