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Former teachers and other education employees who have retired from active education employment are encouraged to join MNEA as Retired members to stay connected and maintain benefits. Active members can join MNEA-Retired as pre-retired lifetime members at any time during their career. Upon retirement, your lifetime retired membership will be activated. 

Retired membership allows you to:

  • Stay informed and proactive on MNEA and NEA political and legislative efforts to protect your retirement benefits (PSRS/PEERS and social security) and other retired issues.
  • Continue your employment liability insurance coverage if you decide to substitute at school (up to 550 hours).
  • Stay connected with fellow NEA colleagues and programs across the state and nation.
  • Receive two 30-minute sessions and a 30 percent discount on legal assistance on  personal issues such as wills and estate planning, real estate, consumer protection, domestic relations and traffic violations.  
  • Access group discounts and valuable benefits on insurance (auto, home, life, dental, long-term care and Medicare supplements), loans, credit cards, travel and hotels, savings and investments, wireless phone plans, local and nationwide dining and shopping opportunities, and on a host of everyday purchases and services.


    Join MNEA-Retired Life or Pre-Retired Online.
    You can pay using your credit/debit card and will be charged a one-time fee of $500 for the life of your MNEA-R membership.   
    Join MNEA-Retired Annual or Life by mail-in form.
    Choose to join annual for $75 per year or purchase a life membership with the option of one-time $500 payment, 10 or 20 payments via bank draft or credit card. 




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