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Great sites for kids, just a click away on the Internet, or download Recommended Web Sites for Students (pdf) in a flier format.

Funology: The Science of Having Fun
There are hundreds of activities for kids and their teachers to investigate. Favorites—Abracadabra (lots of # tricks) and Laboratory-(enough chemistry, biology and physics to keep everyone happy)

ABCTeach Network
This is a site for kids, parents, student teachers and teachers. It offers more than 5,000 free printable pages. Visitors to this Web site can click on the following areas: basics, research/reports, teaching extras, portfolios, shape books, abc forums, theme units, reading comprehension, fun activities, babysitting/daycare and flashcards.

Action for Nature
This site gives young people ideas on how to be environmentally friendly. Young people from around the world post messages and tell what they did to benefit nature where they live.

Animals of the Rainforest
This is a colorful site that allows children to learn about these animals and the possibility of their extinction.
This site contains "the Web's best bios" and includes trivia questions, born-on-this-day search opportunities, "biofeedback" and "bioTrivia." 

Enchanted Learning
This site has a variety of activities for young learners. Of particular interest might be "Little Explorers," a picture dictionary with links to more than 1,000 educational activities in many languages. There are also buttons kids can click to learn about dinosaurs, making books, crafts, world flags, geography, nursery rhymes, biomes, inventors and inventions. A free, monthly e-mail newsletter is also available.

FirstGov for Kids
Developed and maintained by the Federal Consumer Information Center, this U.S. government interagency "kid's portal" links to federal government kids' sites along with some of the best children's sites from other organizations. Topics are arranged by subject for easy searching.

This site gives parents a chance to participate in their child's education and includes "Parent Quizzes" and "Parent/Kid Challenges." Students can take quizzes on this site and then receive responses from their teachers.

Hands On Children's Museum
An interactive science, art and adventure museum for children ages 10 and under. Meet Casbah the camel, visit the pet parade and solve a maze.

Internet Public Library
This site includes a reference center (style and writing guides, genealogy, encyclopedias) and KidSpace, the user can go to a page that has a "Science Fair Project Resource Guide." The site also allows the user to ask a reference question.

This site has crafts, coloring pages and greeting cards for kids as well as sites for teachers. "Kidzone Fun Facts" links include animal facts, geography, language arts, magic tricks, math, thematic units and science experiments. There are free printable worksheets available in each section.

This site includes libraries (libraries online, film libraries, government libraries, medical libraries, public libraries), a reference desk (acronyms, almanacs, associations, encyclopedias, grammar/style, quotations) and a reading room (books, headlines, journals, newspapers, magazines).

The Living Desert
This site explores the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, CA. It includes an online tour of the site and allows users to click on animals of interest.

This is the Missouri Botanical Gardens Web site. It has buttons for "Biomes of the World," "Freshwater Ecosystems" and "Marine Ecosystems." These buttons allow users to gain information on these topics. Print is large, and pictures and diagrams are colorful and attractive to students.

National Park Service
The National Park Service site allows users to "visit" Americas national parks, view links to the past and learn about nature and science in the parks.
This site contains educational games for elementary students. Games are continuously added throughout the year.

Word Dance
The print magazine, Word Dance, offers a web site for budding poets. This site features a worksheet that will get you interested in haiku.

X-Rays in Space
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory was launched in July of 1999 from the space shuttle Columbia. You can now see the detailed images it sends back to Earth.


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