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Just as you are devoted to education, Missouri NEA is devoted to members like you. We want to help you get the maximum value for your money at every stage of your life.

Thanks to the buying power of 32,000 Missouri NEA members and 3 million NEA members nationwide, you can save more than your dues by participating in these valuable money-saving programs.

Members and their families deserve the best. All programs are tailored to your needs with superior service being our top priority. Each program is carefully analyzed to ensure it meets MNEA’s and NEA’s rigorous standards for quality, value and service.

No dues dollars are used to provide these products to members.

Group Insurance >>

  • Home and Auto Insurance
  • Hospital, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance 
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • NEA's Complimentary Life Insurance
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Financial Services >>

  • Investing and Retirement
  • Savings, Money Market and CDs
  • Low-rate and cash-back Credit Cards
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Student Loans & Forgiveness Services
  • ID Theft Service

Special Savings & Discounts >>

  • Save at local restaurants and fast food dining
  • Save on cell phones and wireless plans
  • Save on shopping at your favorite local stores and online
  • Save on classroom supplies, computers, books and magazines
  • Save on tires, auto care and home repair services
  • Save on condos, resorts and hotels
  • Save on rental cars, cruises and travel
  • Save on tickets to movies, theme parks, show, sports, museums and thousands of other recreational activities including golf, ski and snowboard rentals, and rafting
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  • Click & Save Online Shopping

Legal Services and Profession Protection with Membership >>

Unbeatable Employment Protection
As an education employee, you perform your work in the best interests of students. You are conscientious and well intentioned. When you learn of other education employees caught up in legal battles, you often think, “It will never happen to me.” But the truth is it can happen to anyone.

Missouri NEA members go to work secure in the knowledge that their membership provides them with a well-trained team of advocates working to safeguard their professional careers. It is protection today’s education employee can’t afford to be without.

$4 Million Liability Protection
A $4 million educators employment liability (EEL) policy is the cornerstone of MNEA’s professional protection plan. The coverage, automatic with membership, includes up to $4 million in damages and legal fees for the defense of most job-related civil lawsuits and up to $35,000 reimbursement for attorney fees in defending criminal charges arising out of job-related incidents. You can download the policy information by logging into Members Only.

Front-Line Defense Team
UniServ directors, MNEA’s field staff, are the front-line defense team for MNEA members. These full-time trained professionals are available 12 months a year to assist individual members and local associations in dealing with a wide range of problems.

Located in regional offices around the state, these professionals are just a phone call away. Members should call their UniServ directors at the first hint of trouble as many situations can be resolved informally in the early stages.

There is no charge to members for UniServ assistance. It is another important benefit of MNEA membership.

Check Out These Unique Coverages

  • Every probationary teacher member who is nonrenewed may receive a consultation with an attorney.
  • Members who have employment-related Children’s Division complaints filed against them are entitled to legal advice and/or representation.
  • Members who are subpoenaed to appear in court or administrative hearings related to what they might know or have seen in their jobs are entitled to legal consultation prior to testimony.
  • Every member subject to RIF may receive a consultation with an attorney.
  • Members who face challenges to their certification or are facing termination are entitled to legal advice and/or representation.

Defending Your Legal Rights
Through the Unified Legal Services Program, MNEA defends members’ legal rights in and out of court. Through its UniServ program, MNEA vigorously defends members’ rights to due process.

Laws and school board policies spell out procedures to be followed in termination proceedings. MNEA challenges school districts that violate these procedures or act capriciously.

Members must access the ULSP program through their UniServ directors.

Attorney Referral Program
All Missouri NEA members and their immediate families* are entitled to two 30-minute consultations** every program year with any attorney participating in MNEA’s referral program. During those consultations, any type of legal matter, except tax matters, may be discussed.*** If the matter is employment related, consult your UniServ director to see if it would be covered under another MNEA legal services program.

In addition, MNEA members and their immediate families are entitled to a 30 percent discount with participating attorneys in five core areas of the law: wills and estates, real estate, domestic relations, consumer protection and traffic violations.

To find an attorney near you, call MNEA Legal Services at (800) 286-9186, or visit for a complete, up-to-date list of participants in the MNEA Attorney Referral Program.

Footnotes explained:
* NEA defines “immediate family” as spouse and dependent children.
** The free consultation benefit allows you to discuss your problem with an attorney to determine whether you need additional legal services. Do not expect the attorney to draft or review documents during a consultation.
*** An attorney’s participation in this referral program is not a guarantee that the attorney can or will represent you in a specific matter or that a particular firm provides representation in all aspects of the core areas.

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