When you join, you will also be a member of the National Education Association and your local association. Serviced and protected by three unions--local, state, and national. 

Teaching or working in Missouri public schools?

Why Join Missouri NEA? (download brochure) 

STEP 1 - Complete a membership form
You must complete and sign a membership form to join. You can choose to pay by bank draft or recurring credit card. 

STEP 2 - Turn in membership form
If you did not join online, you can either hand the membership form into a local association officer or building rep, or mail to:
Missouri NEA
1810 E Elm Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Retired from Missouri public schools?

Why Join MNEA-Retired? (download brochure)

There are two ways to join. You can choose to pay by bank draft or credit card.

Join Online            

Click here to join MNEA-Retired, or Pre-retired online >> 

Download, print and mail in your membership form

Step 1 - Click here to print a MNEA-Retired membership form >>

Step 2 - Mail with payment information or check to

Missouri NEA-Retired
1810 E Elm Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101-4174


Attending college to become a teacher?

Why Join the MNEA Aspiring Educators? (download brochure)

Join Online
It is $17 per year to join MNEA-Aspiring Educators. Your membership is good Sept. 1-Aug. 31. Your membership doesn't automatically renew. You must join each year.             

If you join MNEA as a teacher or Education Support Professional after graduation, you are eligible for a $20 rebate for every year you were a member of NEA Aspiring Educators.   
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