Privatization and Subcontracting

Position Statement

The Missouri NEA believes that public school programs and services should be provided by public school systems and performed by public education employees. The Association opposes privatization and contract arrangements in public school districts and educational institutions that:

1.         Replace services that are, or could feasibly be, provided by public education employees.

2.         Place the economic security of public education employees at risk, without regard to individual job performance, so that services in question can be performed by private sector employees.

3.         Have the potential to reduce the resources that otherwise would be available to achieve and/or maintain a system of quality public education, or the potential to adversely impact public education.

4.         Abrogate previously agreed upon benefits, reduce compensation, deny fringe benefits, and/or reduce or eliminate accumulated retirement experience and benefits.

5.         Have not been agreed upon by the affected affiliate.

6.         Diminish local control of education services by elected governance by reducing accountability through a contract.

Even if an affected affiliate objects, a school district may decide to enter into a contract with a private provider. In this situation we need to consider what is in the best interest of our members. The affected affiliate needs to understand the provisions of the contract, and if at all possible, the affiliate leaders need to provide input and leverage the positions that are in our members’ best interest. The following questions may help the affiliate fulfill this obligation:

1.         What are the terms and length of the contract?

2.         Did teachers and other education employees have input into the contract?

3.         Was parental and student input considered?

 4.        What legal analysis of the contract has been done to protect the district and the students?

5.         How will the district evaluate the provider’s services ?

These questions can be adapted to assist an affected affiliate in dealing with various proposals from for-profit providers.

The Missouri NEA believes that there is an inherent conflict between serving the needs of students and serving the needs of stockholders in an educational setting.

Approved by the MNEA Representative Assembly 11-17-18

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