Recommendation Process

MNEA members are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The issues that unite them are protecting children and improving public education. These are the issues that drive MNEA’s and NEA’s candidate-recommendation process.

Because lawmakers’ decisions directly affect children and the education profession, MNEA needs to ensure that the candidates it supports measure up as advocates for public schools and the education employees who deliver the programs that shape America’s future. Candidates receive the recommendation of the MNEA-PAC by demonstrating a commitment to public education and upon the recommendation of local educators. For more information about the Missouri NEA Recommendation process please visit

How you vote is a personal decision; however, Missouri NEA leaders hope that, as you review the issues and positions of candidates, you will consider the recommendation of your fellow educators in the following elections.

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Local associations recommend candidates for school board election

To report candidates recommended by your local association, please send the name of the school district and recommendations to Elizabeth Zerr by submitting the Candidate Recommendation Form

Missouri NEA local associations abide by a recommendation process that evaluates candidates based on their values, not party affiliation. They recommend candidates whose values closely align with MNEA's beliefs and legislative platform, which include protecting the rights of students and education employees; ensuring every student has a qualified, caring teacher; and investing in public education so teachers have the tools they need to help drive student success.

These pro-public education candidates have been interviewed by a committee that lives in your school district and knows the issues that are unique to your community. The following candidates have been recommended for the School Board Election Tues., April 6, 2021.

Blue Springs
Kurt Swanson
April Agate

Katherine Sasser
Jeanne Snodgrass

Vicki Hanson
James Chellew

Ft. Zumwalt
Tommy George, Jr.
Gabriel Helms
Proposition Strong Schools

Question 1 & 2

Sylvester Taylor II
Diane Livingston
Betsy Rachel

Lisa Welker
John Linhorst

Prop I

Prop R

Tori Behlke
Patrick McKelvey
Prop S

North Kansas City
Paul Harrell
Jan Kauk
Jane Rinehart
Andrew Corrao

Park Hill
Kyla Yamada
Kimberlee Ried
Brandy Woodley

Brandon R. Wilkes
Tiffany Davis

Billy King
Deanna Olson

Riverview Gardens
Prop E

Tamara Jo Rhomberg
Jaime Bayes

Maryam Mohammadkhani
Danielle Kincaid
Scott Crise

St. Charles
Ellen Zerr
Heidi Sikma

St. Joseph
David Jordan 
David Foster

Donald Looney
Cheri Thurman

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