Retirement Prep Workshop

Thinking about retirement?

Discover your "retire-mentality" at one of the MNEA retirement workshops

These workshops are provided by Missouri NEA and its financial benefit partners, Reliant Financial Services, and PSRS.

Money is important, but other preparations will make your retirement rewarding. This workshop is designed to answer your questions and help prepare you for transition from “Making a Living” to “Retirement Living.” This workshop goes beyond your PSRS benefits, but a portion of this workshop is presented by a PSRS counselor.

Topics Include:

1) Defining what your new retirement may look like

2) What to think about before taking the leap into retirement

3) Benefits from Social Security, PSRS, and Missouri NEA

4) Hear a review of PSRS/PEERS options and rules

5) Review of PSRS Rule of 80 vs. Rule of 86

6) Will you have enough money to retire?

7) Positioning your investments to last

Please contact Pam Koetting, if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your area. 

MNEA Members Only please.

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