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"Like" Missouri NEA on Facebook

Missouri NEA is on Facebook. Search for the “Missouri National Education Association” page ( while logged into your Facebook account and become a “fan” of Missouri NEA simply by clicking the "Like" button. To get notifications when Missouri NEA posts to the wall, click the "Follow" button. By becoming a fan of Missouri NEA you can:
  • Receive periodic updates about professional development opportunities and events.
  • Share great classroom resources by posting a link to the wall.
  • Share news from your local association with other MNEA members.
  • View recent YouTube video posts.
  • Scroll through photos of MNEA events.
  • Connect with other members through the online social network.
  • Participate in the discussion boards.

Hope to see you there!

Find MNEA photos at
Only official MNEA Flickr friends have full access to the photo site.

Download photos from Missouri NEA events and school visits at Most files on this site are private, which means you must have a free Flickr account and be accepted as an MNEA Flickr contact to download files.

Setting up your account
You will need to set up a free Flickr account and become a contact to the MNEA Flickr account. If you do not have a Flickr account, select “sign up” at the top left of the screen.

Once you complete the Sign Up form, Flickr will open a Welcome Page that shows your First Name, Last Name and User Name. Select “Next.”

On the next page, you can choose “Connect through Facebook” or “Take me to Flickr.” Choose the later for now. The next screen is your Flickr page.

While you are still signed in to your Flickr account, type into your browser. Immediately next to the name at the top is a blue box that says, “Follow.” Select “Follow” and mark “Friend” in the options when you hover over the blue button.

Allow some time for Debra to accept you as a friend before trying to download. Once you receive notification that you are accepted, you can download photos.

Download photos from MNEA’s Flickr site
Be sure you log into your personal Flickr account first thing. This allows the site to identify you as someone who has the privilege of downloading from the MNEA site.

Then type into your browser. This should take you directly to the MNEA site. Photos on the site are organized into albums. Select the “Albums” tab from the list across the top of the page just to the right of the MNEA logo. Select the album you are interested in and the photo you want to download.

Once you’ve opened the photo you are interested in, select the arrows at the bottom right of the photo you want to download. This will open a larger photo for your viewing.

  1. Then select “…” in the options to the right of the photo.  
  2. Select “Download all sizes.”
  3. Select “Original” if you want to make a quality print. Select “Small” if you want to post to social media sites.
  4. Then select the blue “Download” button.


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Sign up for email lists, optional publications

MNEA and NEA offer a variety of print publications and email lists. Among the print publications are Something Better and NEA Today magazines. Find information about subscribing to other publications and email lists at Among the most popular electronic publications are In the Loop, a monthly newsletter to keep members informed of upcoming conferences and events, news, member benefits and other association information; and Legislative Update, a weekly newsletter (during the legislative session) covering the latest information on legislative action on MNEA’s legislative priorities.

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