Start Smart

MNEA helps new teachers get a good start


"Start Smart" is a handbook for beginning teachers. The handbook is filled with resources and information targeted to beginning teachers and their experiences in the first five years of their career. To get a copy of the MNEA Start Smart, contact your regional MNEA office or download a pdf version.

Student Dues Rebate -Were you an MNEA-Student member? When you become a teacher, continue your MNEA membership and you will receive a $20 rebate for every year you were a student member. Print a rebate form.

Reduced Dues - MNEA offers reduced dues to beginning teachers in qualifying districts. Call the MNEA membership department at (800) 392-0236 to see if you qualify for the reduced dues program. 

$100 Tuition Grant- Thanks to funding from Reliant Financial Services, MNEA members who are probationary teachers in their first five years of teaching can receive a $100 tuition grant toward the cost of a three-hour graduate course. 50 grants are awarded in October. Details...

Beginning Teacher Assistance Program - "I Can Do It" - Teacher certification in Missouri requires participation in a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program. MNEA and Maryville University have teamed up to offer a meaningful and convenient way for beginning teachers to receive a certificate verifying completion of this requirement. Attendees will also become a part of the Missouri NEA Beginning Teacher Network. Details...

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