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Posted Date: 1/6/2011

Educational Links

Below find some great sites for educators. Many of which provide links to even more sites of interest.

Please note that Missouri NEA does not control the content of the sites listed here--they are entirely the responsibility of the respective webmasters and organizations. While we believe these sites to be generally of high quality, things can change quickly in cyberspace. If you discover a problem or concern about any of these links, please let us know by sending an email to Also, be sure to let us know of any great educational sites you've discovered that you'd like us to consider listing here.

Links for students
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•    Sites of General Interest
•    Special Education
•    Science
•    Math
•    Museums and Art

•    Ethnic Diversity
•    Language Arts
•    History/Social Studies
•    Rural Education
•    Physical Education / Health

Sites of General Interest Elementary Education Resources -This site has hundreds of links selected to support elementary-education teachers. Specific curriculum area, free materials and professional development are all listed here.

ABCTeach Network - This is a site for kids, parents, student teachers and teachers. It offers more than 5,000 free printable pages. Visitors to this Web site can click on the following areas: basics, research/reports, teaching extras, portfolios, shape books, abc forums, theme units, reading comprehension, fun activities, babysitting/daycare and flashcards.

A to Z Teacher Stuff -

Education Corner -

Education Week -

Education World - This site includes more than 500,000 listed sites, covering everything from K-12 schools online to education topics.

The Educator's Network - This site includes worksheets, theme units, rubrics, teacher tools, posters and educational news.

FunBrain - This site gives parents a chance to participate in their child's education and includes "Parent Quizzes" and "Parent/Kid Challenges." Students can take quizzes on this site and then receive responses from their teachers. - Grade Connect is an easy-to-use course management system that's packed with an impressive array of features proven to help teachers manage their courses easier.

I Love that Teaching Idea! - Find ideas from teachers across the country, and take advantage of a "worksheet and reproducible" area.

Internet Public Library - This site includes a reference center (style and writing guides, genecology, encyclopedias) and KidSpace and TeenSpace youth resource areas. By clicking on KidSpace, the user can go to a page that has a "Science Fair Project Resource Guide." The site also allows the user to ask a reference question.

Kidzone - This site has crafts, coloring pages and greeting cards for kids as well as sites for teachers. "Kidzone Fun Facts" links include animal facts, geography, language arts, magic tricks, math, thematic units and science experiments. There are free printable worksheets available in each section.

LibrarySpot - This site includes libraries (libraries online, film libraries, government libraries, medical libraries, public libraries), a reference desk (acronyms, almanacs, associations, encyclopedias, grammar/style, quotations) and a reading room (books, headlines, journals, newspapers, magazines).

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education -

National Association for the Education of Young Children -

No More Bullies - The Canadian-based organization No More Bullies offers a child-friendly Web site that explains bullying in uncomplicated terms and suggests ways to confront it. The site also presents a list of books that teachers can use to discuss bullying with young students.

School Express - This site has a free thematic unit every week. Buttons for word-find fun, beginning consonants, color word, word problems, adjectives and adverbs are a few of the selections included on this site. More than 5,000 free worksheets and 200 free educational software programs are available to download. - This site was built by teachers, for teachers. You can use it to share your own unique lesson plans or get inspired and download lesson plans.

Sites for Teachers - This site is a listing of the most frequently used teacher-related Web sites that are regularly ranked according to real-time use.  

TeachersFirst - This is not only and excellent Web resource for teachers, but visitors to this site can register for an e-mail newsletter that reminds teachers of some of the resources available through the Web site. The themes are timely, and the site links to such areas as student-teacher tips, differentiating instruction and resolving conflicts. A professional content matrix and keyword search allow users to search available topics.  

Teaching Tips - This site is for new and experienced teachers alike, it contains "ideas to inspire and support teachers."

TeAch-nology - This is a Web portal for educators and lists their top 10 areas on the site as lesson plan center, free worksheets, ideas that worked, student search center, power pack, teaching themes, cartoons, movies of the day, games for all and TeAch-nology tutorials.

United States Department of Education - lots of software, links, resources and information

What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching  - The title says it all.

Voice Academy - The National Institutes of Health funded this Web site project, and it is available at no cost to teachers. The Voice Academy Web site is much like a bridge between school teachers and leading researchers and health care professionals specializing in voice.

Funology: The Science of Having Fun - There are hundreds of activities for kids and their teachers to investigate. Favorites—Abracadabra (lots of # tricks) and Laboratory-(enough chemistry, biology and physics to keep everyone happy)

United States Environmental Protection Agency - The EPA presents interesting material on Indoor Air Quality that may be a concern to you and your school/work or home environment.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - A handy reference for Missouri public schools.

U.S. Department of Education - Discover comprehensive information on programs from drug abuse and reading instruction to Goals 2000 and educational research - with multiple links.

GED Online - This internet-based classroom makes it easy to prepare for your GED. 

General Education Development - An online resource for people wanting to prepare for the GED test.

The New York Times on the Web - This site has lots of great lesson plans for grades 6-12 using the New York Times as reading material - Contains over 1,000 Webquests and 6,200 lesson plans for science, social studies, math, reading, writing and technology.

Teachers First - Offers classroom, professional and site resources and information for teachers, plus a space for teachers to "talk" with other teachers about methods they use in the classroom as well as ideas for incorporating computers.

iParadigms - This site tells more about a new program that helps teachers detect student plagiarism. The technology also is being applied to track other digital intellectual property, such as the bootleg distribution of music, movies and computer software. - Contains free resources for teachers including education links, employment listings by state, free e-mail and a chat room.

The Internet Public Library - The first Internet Public Library offers over 1000 links, with special sections for teens and youngsters.

Library of Congress - Explore documents, photographs, movies and sound recordings that tell America's historical story.

Web Sites and Resources for Teachers - Discover the collected sites and classroom resources compiled by two professors at California State University, Northridge.

Reach Every Child - Internet site listing more than 5,000 educational resources for all academic subjects, including free, inexpensive and valuable resources for teachers. 

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators

Special Education 

Council on Education of the Deaf

Reduce the isolation so common in teaching the deaf; site offers materials and practical information.



The Flying Turtle
Explore this site to find articles and pictures explaining the way nature works. This site is beneficial for students as well as teachers. 

Becoming Human
Becoming Human is a really neat site for Science teachers who teach evolution. Your students are able to view a short documentary about evolution.

The eSkeleton Project
This site is a wonderful teaching tool when it comes to anatomy. It offers interactive learning of the human skeleton as well as other animals.

National Science Foundation
Examine the worlds of science and engineering - from the geosciences to urban environments - with additional material for teachers.

National Park Service
The National Park Service site allows users to "visit" America’s national parks, view links to the past and learn about nature and science in the parks.

The Exploratorium
See online exhibits, web cams, past exhibitions, images, sounds - the Exploratorium A-to-Z.


Hands on Banking
Wells Fargo has designed a tutorial for managing your money. Educators can download lesson guides to help your students become more knowledgeable about budgeting, saving, maintaining good credit, buying a home, investing and many other important financial topics.

A Maths Dictionary For Kids
An incredible interactive, animated dictionary that explains and demonstrates over 500 mathematical terms. Teaching about rotational symmetry—watch the dictionary demonstrate the term. Designed by an Australian primary teacher for use in her own classroom, the dictionary is perfect for students and parents.

Get lessons and units on creative ways to teach geometry and browse the "teachers' place" for more resources.

Native American Geometry This site is designed for 4th – 9th graders and their parents and teachers. There is an extensive list of resources for teachers and the site investigates the connection of geometry, design, and anthropology.

3rd to 5th grade math lessons: The NCAA created lessons using basketball. Box scores highlight basic math, a basketball net teaches principles of geometry and sports pages illustrate percentages.

New York Times Learning Network math lessons: Teach statistics and probability through drafting a fantasy football team and in head-to-head weekly match-ups. 

Find links to many resources to teach the math and science of various sports on Richard Byrne's blog.

Museums and Art

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
With 60,000 works of art available for viewing, this is the world's largest searchable art image database on the web. High quality images of beautiful and significant art is available here, plus teachers' guides and resources for educators.

The Smithsonian
Be a part of America's premiere museum complex with materials for teachers and students.

National Air & Space Museum
Visit the virtual exhibit of Star Wars and get lots more good information from the Smithsonian's popular museum.

Browse the Americans for the Arts' site for articles and advocacy on art education

African Art
See pictures and descriptions of African sculpture, masks, headresses and artifacts.

Ethnic Diversity

Teaching Multicultural Students
The Accredited Schools Online website offers a number of ideas for helping all students feel represented and welcomed in the classroom. Gain knowledge and ideas from the activities, books and resources to create a respectful environment within your school. 

The Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence works to improve education for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students placed at risk by factors of linguistic or cultural diversity, economics or geography. CREDE engages in more than 30 research projects around the U.S.

Nez Perce National Historic Trail
This is an educational Web site that follows the history of the Nez Perce Indians who fled during the War of 1877. It includes maps, lesson plans, and plenty of photographs.

Language Arts and Reading

The print magazine, Word Dance, offers a Web site for budding poets. This site features a worksheet that will get your students interested in haiku.

NEA's Read Across America
A site associated with Dr. Suess's birthday, and dedicated to the promotion of reading.

Meet some of America's finest authors and get teachers' guides to accompany the C-SPAN series.

History/Social Studies

The History Channel
Check out the games, speeches, "this day in history", and links on the History Channel site.

White House Web
Search White House documents, listen to speeches, view photos and take a tour. Also check out the White House for Kids area.

History Archives
Find over 2,500 links by subject to full text electronic libraries; also global news and scholarly exchanges.

Rural Education

Navigating Resources for Rural Schools
A Web site designed especially for those concerned with education in remote and rural areas of the country.

Organizations Concerned about Rural Education
Provides information about what you can do to improve public schools in your community, what your neighbors are already doing, and what is being done throughout rural America.

Physical Education / Health
Tackling tobacco abuse in k-12 schools

American Lung Association 
Provides resources for healthy air quality, how to prevent lung disease and talking to kids about smoking. 


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