Energize Your Year with These Monthly Teacher Tips

Posted Date: 1/6/2011

Energize Your Year with These Monthly Teacher Tips

Suggestions from Missouri NEA's Instruction and Professional Development Committee

September – Have students write a letter to parents and leave on their desk for parents to read at Open House. Parents can write a complimentary (I’m proud of you) letter and leave for students to see the following day.

October – Brainstorm and discuss descriptive words for a spooky setting. Write a descriptive paragraph and/or story to go with the setting.

November – Have each child in the school trace and cut out a handprint or colored paper and write their name on it. Post hand cutouts on the wall in the cafeteria. Create a turkey hand cutout. Play a "Where’s the Turkey?" game (similar to "Where’s Waldo?") by moving the turkey hand to various locations from day to day.

December – Older students can pair up with pre-school, Kindergarten, or first grade students. Younger students dictate a letter to Santa. Older students type up the letters and write a letter from "Santa" in response.

January – Have students scan the newspaper looking for examples of positive character traits exhibited by people in the news. Discuss the traits and share the articles.

– Give each student a blank puzzle piece. Decorate puzzle pieces with name and a sentence about yourself describing the positive qualities you bring to the class. Put (glue) the puzzle pieces back together discussing how we are individuals, but also a team and can work together and help each other.

March – Have a student buddy write daily assignments for a student who is absent.

April – Go through your filing cabinet and reorganize, throw out, etc., ideas, lessons, and files you no longer use. If you do it now, it will be ready come September for you to use.

May – Students write letters to next year’s students for you to put on their desks the first day of school.

– Good reading – "Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff."



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