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Member Protection

Contact Your MNEA UniServ Director

Although the Educator Employment Liability (EEL) policy offers valuable liability coverage, educators often need help with other job-protection matters. UniServ directors, Missouri NEA's field staff, are the front-line defense team for Association members. Full-time trained professionals, UniServ directors are available 12 months a year to assist individual members and local associations in dealing with a wide range of problems.

Located in regional offices around the state, professionals are just a phone call away. Members are encouraged to call them at the first hint of trouble as many situations can be resolved informally in the early stages.

There is no charge to members for UniServ assistance. It is another important benefit of Association membership.

MNEA members, if you find yourself in a situation…

  • Always ask the agenda and who will be present when told to attend a meeting with an administrator or supervisor.
  • Know the evaluation process and steps to be followed. (Is it different for probationary and tenured teachers?)
  • Before you agree to anything, before you resign, seek advice from a Missouri NEA representative or attorney.
  • Ask for any disciplinary information or directives in writing.
  • Know your District’s timelines for filing grievances and the evaluation appeal process.
  • Call your UniServ director or your regional MNEA office immediately if you are:
    • hotlined
    • suspended
    • threatened
    • attacked
    • hurt

Need help with a situation?

If you need assistance or have a question about a situation at your school contact your UniServ/MNEA regional office or call 1-800-392-0236.

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